Onsite Interpretation Service

Onsite Interpretation Services

Our interpreters meet your needs on location to interpret for one-on-one or small group meetings. We ensure both parties get their message across effectively without distortions.

Our professional translators, interpreters and typesetters cover more than twenty languages and take justifiable pride in their work. Our team comprises Ph.D. or M.A. degree holders and professionals who work as full-time or contract freelance translators. They are professors, industry specialists and academic authorities. Our international team has grown up connected emotionally and intellectually with their language specializations, enabling them to parse even the most complicated technical documents. But as always, your specifications are the final call. Our clients expect nothing less than solid reliability and precision from our crack team of experienced translators, interpreters and editors. You have come to us with exacting standards, and rightly so. Not only is nothing lost in our translations, we consistently search the length and breadth of the talent pool to come up with appropriate fits for specific project requirements. You want uncompromisingly sharp translations that hone in on the nuances and intentions of the original documents. Your need for world-class translations at competitive rates is our privilege to provide.

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For complex project quotes, or if you wish to get a quote on a language which is not available, please contact us with your requirements.We aim to contact all enquiries within 24 working hours – if you haven’t heard from us within 24 hours, it might be that you entered your contact details incorrectly. If you want to send your quote by email, contact us at quote@lingotrans.com. To get past our spam filter you must not edit the automatically created subject line given in the mail message.


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